Our trip to 86FEST 2014

One of the best things about car culture is the sense of community. As I mentioned in my earlier adventures, I was blessed with a ride from Javi. It was a rough morning as the previous night was filled with late night edits and packing. Nevertheless, I was on time and ready to go, especially since I knew I was going to be sitting in a real seat!


We left for 86Fest just before 8am. The weather was amazing, as it was nothing like the swampy mornings of South Florida. This morning was crisp and breezy followed by the sounds of Javi’s trailer as I watched his 1982 Celica Supra sway behind us. Magical.


On our way to 86Fest, we encountered a problem. The gas light came on. We were too far away from the next town to fill up so we had to figure out another solution. Traffic started to back up as we approached an accident. We were hoping that someone on the road towing a boat or a race car had some extra gas. We would have taken pretty much anything at that point! As we cleared the accident, we noticed a camper on the shoulder. It was towing a trailer for a race car. Hopes were high that this guy had some gas. At this point, Steve had caught up to us and he pulled over to see if we needed any help. We were in luck! Javi bought some race fuel from the guy, and we were on our way again.



We made it to the next exit and filled up. We also managed to get a mini photo shoot in while waiting for the pumps to become available.


Back on the road, we were making decent time. We had also heard about the unfortunate FSR heist. Some clown shoe stole the FSR truck, trailer and car! Seriously bad news after such a great weekend. As we neared the event, I was enjoying the scenery since we don’t get anything taller than Mt. Trashmore down here. Please enjoy some mountain pics!


We stopped off at Javi’s house to get his car off the trailer so we could take it to the show. This time I hopped in a chase car and had the opportunity to take some moving shots of Javi as we drove to 86Fest.


Finally we made it to 86Fest where I was greeted with a fantastic 510.


There were so many cars that looked just impeccable. A few were old flames from last year’s SEMA adventure, and there were also some new faces as well.


I didn’t even get a chance to check out the track!


With the multitude of cars I did my best to capture what I was seeing and didn’t have time to check in to at the media booth!silv-day-4-nurgemedia-7932

This was also my first official west coast car show. Yes I’ve been to SEMA a few times now but this was a real deal California Sunday car show!


I was rather impressed by the turnout. Seeing so many quality cars in one location was quite astounding.


As I walked through the main parking area, I kept thinking to myself; “A weekend of just Supras and now this – a day of just FRS/BRZ/FT86. It’s a good thing I love this stuff!”


It was a bit overwhelming, but I made it through. I took a few more shots of everything in front of me and went back to meet up with my ride.


Crammed into the back of the Supra again for an hour long drive to Burbank. Not a bad way to finish off a weekend!


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