Cavallino Classic 2014 – Competition

I get a phone call from a friend of mine the other day while sitting at my desk working away. I go to answer and discover he’s standing right behind me?! What could be so important that he couldn’t wait to tell me? Adam (the creeper) goes on to tell me that there is a vintage Ferrari race going on at PBIR on Friday and another Ferrari-related event going on Saturday at The Breakers in West Palm Beach. He’s telling me this because he wants to know if I’d be interested in taking some pics for Ferrari to use for their social networks. Um…YES. Let’s do this!


Friday 9:00am

I met up with Adam and his dad to caravan up to the event site. (Side note: Adam and his dad both race mini coopers. So, I got to drive all the way up to West Palm Beach behind a seasoned race driver. Not a bad way to start off an adventure!)


As we neared the main entrance to PBIR, I could hear the sounds of naturally aspirated V8s & V12s roaring like a symphony of old Italian men rejoicing at a Bocce tournament.


I was already giddy, and I hadn’t even turned on the main drive yet. We parked, gathered our gear and started heading towards the entrance, discussing what we all hoped to see. “F40 and my day is made.” As I uttered those words, an F40 came rolling by the entrance with another right behind. And then a third came ripping around the turn right at the entrance. Overload? Yes, very much yes. I had to step aside and breathe to center myself.


We started to make our way towards the the paddock, and it was just one priceless piece of machinery after another.



Oh, look – another F40. That makes four, and it hasn’t been more than ten minutes since we arrived. I thought one of the most elusive and sought after Ferraris would be hard to come by at this event. I liked that I was wrong in this assumption.


Number Five


Vintage Alfa Romeo. Sure – why not?



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