PSI Racing 3SGte powered Toyota Starlet


Their quickest pass to date with the 3s engine has been 7:36 ET with the quickest speed at 184mph with a moderate 41psi, which is amazing considering most pro import modified cars fall in the 60-70psi range.



I love detail, and this was actually one of my favorite parts of the car. All of the interior pieces were made from aluminum, and the door panels were black powder-coated and anodized red.


Fuel is pumped with a Weldon 2345 fuel pump and the engine is fed VP C85 via 4 220lb injectors; however, the team plans to add an additional four 160lb injectors staged to accept the added boost pressure they plan on running.


When you go custom, nothing is safe, and sometimes you do what you need to do to make things fit.


Double and triple checking everything is paramount to keeping a positive state of mind before driving such a powerful machine. Absolutely nothing gets overlooked by the crew, and here we see Brendan getting some hands-on action while getting all the insight he needs from his crew on what has been approved as good to go.


Playing paparazzi to catch the natural moments is always fun. the PSI racing team genuinely enjoys every aspect of racing. Brendan was cheerful from start to finish, and he didn’t mind the cameras one bit.


Finally, everything has been given thumbs up by the crew, and Brendan gives the final go ahead to leave the pit area and head into the lanes. This was the first time we would see this car run, so we were exceptionally excited to see what it sounded like and the time it was going to put out.


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Alongside having a great crew of people to work with, a later sunset combined with an evening test and tune made for some pretty cool shots. After an eager day of preparation, this is what it’s all about. We were lined up and ready to see what the 1/4 mile would bring. The #1 goal this time around was to overcome tire shake, something that has been a problem for some time now.