Festival Of Speed : South Florida Super Car Fun


As I made my way through to check out the Prestige Imports show area, I came across these pretty cool tables. Expensive, yes, but cool. I wouldn’t mind one of these, although I would probably put the motor somewhere it doesn’t belong.


It does make me think. I wonder what a 2jz table would look like…


As if a Lamborghini doesn’t garner enough attention with its aerodynamic design and 12 cylinder roar, If you live in the South Florida area or follow Brett David on social media, you know Prestige Imports are no stranger to drawing a crowd with their colorful automobiles.


And while they bring out the big boy toys, that is only suitable for those with an above average income to enjoy, and putting a Lamborghini to the test on the track escalates that position even more. This gold Murcielago proves that at the end of the day, these cars were made to be driven and driven hard.


So, surrounded by Ferrari’s and Porsche’s, modern and classic alike, you find yourself wondering what could top it. Which cars will I come across that would stand out in these crowds? There’s two cars at this event that, in my opinion, lead that pack. One of which is this complete carbon fiber Pagani.


I can’t sit here and write about the exclusiveness of this car because, honestly, it is all over the web already. If you are a fan of what Pagani represents, you already know everything I might say. However, before I leave you with several detailed shots of this car, I will say this.

The Pagani, in person, is stunning. Getting to see this car up close left absolutely no poor angle to shoot from. You can spend hours around this car and continue to notice the details. The fact that practically everything is carbon fiber, put together at an advanced level, is mindblowing. If you have the chance to see one of these cars in person, take a step back and enjoy it because you probably will never be able to see it again, let alone drive it…unless you hang out at Prestige Imports, of course.

With that being said…








Okay, back to reality. Well, sort of, considering when you are surrounded by super cars, it’s difficult that one genuinely outdoes the rest. The Pagani is capable of doing just that. It is one beautiful machine with an incredible amount of detail and rare enough that you have probably never seen one rolling down the road.


You wouldn’t think you would find a lifted truck amongst a bunch of supercars worth as much as many peoples homes, but when it’s South Florida, you never know! The ADV1 wheels for this truck were gorgeous and quite different! The wheels are ADV05C Truck Spec HD with hidden hardware, and they look insane in person; from finish to design they are top notch.


With current gas prices, why wouldn’t you want a Ram2500 lifted on 24-inch wheels? You will be the one getting the last laugh when rain season comes in South Florida. Just saying.

Of course, being down south, you shouldn’t expect to go to a car show by the water and see just cars. If this isn’t enough to make you jealous,I don’t know what will.