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    Charlton “Minus” Ochoa has been a car guy since he was boy. His father added to his obsession with front-engine Porsches when he was young, and from there, he expanded his already seasoned automotive palate. After running an automotive parts business in his teens, Minus used his innate tech abilities and experience with computers to get started with a career as a web developer.

    But even with his full-time career, he continued to invest time and money into his Toyota Supra Turbo. In 2011, he started Charis Motorsports, an online parts store, with his friend David. They figured starting a blog to bring attention to the shop would be a great way to drive traffic, which it did. It was so successful that Minus closed the shop and took the Charis brand to start telling stories through his other newfound passion, photography.

    Steve Cucinotta became his photography mentor, so that Minus could help tell the story through photo documentation, and his status as a novice changed almost overnight. Minus used his love of technology to grow his passion for documenting experiences through photos and videos. Being a Christian, his faith is most important, so finding a balance has been trying to also invigorating. Charis, meaning Grace, was chosen as the brand name because he is constantly finding himself thankful for every breath and for the ability to do what he loves. His priorities are family first and brand second, which will never change.

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    Multi Media Maverick …Steve brings the art of intuitive originality and technical savvy to a multitude of creative arenas.With a discerning eye for detail and impeccable work ethic, Steve blends his passion for photography, painting, and digital know-how to create visual masterpieces for clients and friends alike.

    His forte; troubleshooting and disassembling/deconstructing problems in order to resolve, conveys healthy, supportive communication in an effort to avenue seemingly “dead ends”. His approach to life is fresh and progressive. A music aficionado and car enthusiast, Steve works diligently with others to inform, innovate, and evolve.

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    Ryan got started in 2011 when he turned 18 and got his first car, and, of course, like most people, it was a Honda Civic. The love, passion, people and all around culture is what got him addicted to the car culture. One thing he has always been into was taking photos at hangouts, so as his talents grew, his friends told him he should buy a camera and take it more serious.

    So, on a Black Friday, he purchased his first DSLR, and the rest is history. A photographer first and automotive photographer second, a hobby became an addiction. He has added variety to his portfolio, working his way into making art out of weddings, landscapes, and street photography. He strives to be the best he can and constantly grow, wanting to leave a mark in the photography world. We couldn’t ask for a better mentality!

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    Content Creator

    Most people would agree: Brendon Barnes is what some might call a “Jack of all trades.” And while that certainly holds true, most would also agree Brendon’s passions can be narrowed down to a modest three: automotive motorsports and technology, photography, and people. Meticulous and a stickler for detail, he takes extra care not only to assure that every shot is framed well, but more importantly, that it elicits emotion. When it comes to automotive photography, Brendon is not new to the game by any means.

    As an automotive enthusiast / gear head / performance driver, Brendon stays ahead of the pack in motorsports. But the automotive and photography industries are driven by something far more important: people. Rest assured Brendon loves to capture emotion; every photo tells a story. Being a bit of a ‘geek’ also guarantees he will be on top of new technology, and approaches to his work.

    Although he originally hails from New York, Brendon currently calls South Florida his home; and while some of the work he produces is centered around Florida motorsports, he sets no limits to how far he is willing to travel. Brendon is in constant pursuit of perfection and takes pride not only in pictures, but in service and communication.

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    Content Creator

    Cinematographer and owner of Cool Coconut Studios Dmitry has an ultimate goal of creating truly unique film pieces. After starting his career abroad, he travelled across the world in search of the best content. His team uses special techniques for excellent cinematic looks, offering only the highest level of video production quality, delivering real aesthetics of each story.

    Now, Cool Coconut Studios unites one of most talented media creators, traveling worldwide and capturing world through their cameras and developing projects for companies like BMW, Nike, Red Bull, ESPN, GoDaddy, and many more. Today, the team continues to work on brand-new ideas with great passion, bringing amazing and truly unique projects to life.

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    John's interest in cars started when he was a toddler, playing with Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. As he got older, the cars got bigger, and now today, instead of collecting models, he collects the real thing. Born and raised in the Mid-West, John calls Minneapolis, Minnesota home. Despite the heavy, classic and hot-rod car culture that the mid-west is known for, John has an affinity for all things import, but still has an eye for classic, American-Muscle. He blends his favorite characteristics from each genre to create his own, unique style.

    His career as an automotive journalist began in the early 2000s, traveling around the country to attend various car shows with a simple, point-and-shoot camera in hand. Not long after, he upgraded to a DSLR, but still never expected to turn a hobby into a career. As his skills continued to grow, so did his network of friends, and some big names in the industry took notice of his eye for quality, and entertaining way with words. Now, the avid freelancer lends his talents and skills to various, big-name publications in the automotive industry, sharing the stories of many cars and their builders. When he's not behind the camera or the computer, John can be found bowling on the Professional Bowler's Association Tour, or snowboarding on various mountains around the United States.

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