SEMA 2013 Aftermath: Liberty Walk Expo

So as we were leaving SEMA, content with the amount of quality cars/trucks we witnessed, something unexpected happened. Just as we thought our day was over someone from our crew spotted one of the Liberty Walk M3 coupes parked in the LVCC Gold lot, adjacent to our rental car. As we made our way towards the M3, we noticed a multitude of Liberty Walk projects all parked in the same area. After the week long hunt for these hidden gems scattered throughout the SEMA show, here we were witnessing what may be the last time they will all be together. So of course, being the automotive enthusiasts we are, we couldn’t help but take advantage by capturing the wonderment of such an occasion! Little did we know that was only the beginning…

Libertywalk BMW Libertywalk BMW wagon Libertywalk BMW wagon

One of the guys from LT Motorwerks in L.A. was nice enough to introduce us to some of the Liberty Walk crew.

Libertywalk Nissan GTR R35 Skyline

While looking around at my surroundings, dazed by the opportunity before us, I realized the Ferrari 458 Italia was the only LB project not in the lot with the other cars.

Libertywalk Nissan GTR R35 Skyline Libertywalk Nissan GTR R35 Skyline and ferrari Libertywalk ferrari Libertywalk ferrari

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