From the Web to Real Life

It’s not difficult to get excited for an interesting car build, as an enthusiast I try to enjoy the show as much as I go to do my job. However with social media being so pivotal now, most builds can no longer use the element of surprise prior to it’s debut. I’ve never made up […]

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The Big Reveal: Big Mike’s Prelude

Big Mike: the man, the myth, the legend. OG of the Honda community and international sensation, Big Mike has solidified his place in the famed halls of the Honda tuning community with not only his builds but also his willingness to educate, help, and move the scene forward. His charisma and humility speak volumes, and […]

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When it comes to the SEMA show, some builds always stand out above the rest, and becoming a social media superstar is something even someone popular can find overwhelming. Every year, I feel as though we always look back through past SEMA show coverage and find builds we missed, wondering, “Where was this located?” Thankfully, […]

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1972 Nissan Skyline to wow the crowds at SEMA.

There is one, sure-fire way to get the crowds to swarm your booth at SEMA, and that’s to make the center-piece one of the legends of the car culture. The Nissan Skyline transcends genres, and is known and respected by everyone in the car community. Enthusiasts old and young know about the Skyline name, and […]

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SEMA 2016 – A Little something for everyone

I’d always heard of SEMA. I’ve seen countless coverage, and had friends talk about SEMA. But I’d never ACTUALLY been to SEMA. It didn’t matter how much I’d heard or seen, I still wasn’t sure what to expect. Officially…..the show doesn’t start until Tuesday; but judging from what I’ve seen so far, I’m guessing prep […]

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Welcome back to another year at SEMA. The automotive melting-pot always brings new, and exciting builds and products for the upcoming season, and sheds some light on what’s hot in the industry. The amount and variety of vehicles on display is staggering, and everything seems more impressive in the metal. With so much shock-value every […]

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SEMA 2016 – CATUNED BMW 2002

Every time I find my self walking the Las Vegas Convention center surrounded by some of the hottest builds of the year, I just cant believe it. It’s pretty awesome to have this be part of my job, and to do it with a great group of people really seals the deal. As the week […]

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