In 1961, when Mr. Jose Fernandez first learned of the famed Michelotti designed Ferrari 340 America, his world was forever changed. From that moment in time, he made it his mission to capture the essence of these incredible vehicles in a car he would design and build for his own. This is the story of the coachbuilt Ferrari 330GT Speciale.


Experience - Photography - Cinematography

The 300 GT Speciale is a one of a kind Ferrari coachbuilt by our friends at The Creative Workshop. One rainy day forty years ago in Mexico Jose Fernandez finds himself in a bookstore. While perusing the store he comes across a book about Ferraris. It was then that Mr. Fernandez's dream began, to build his own Ferrari. Over the next 40 years Mr. Fernandez would work towards achieving his goal.

Fast forward to 2015 when Mr. Fernandez meets Jason Wenig of Creative Workshop, his dream was about to come to fruition.

As Creative was finishing the 330 there was discussion around creating a keepsake to tell this wonderful story. We worked with Jason and Mr. Fernandez to create the 330 Digital Storybook.

The outcome was a complete media package starting with photography and video which then influenced a single page timeline themed website taking users throughout the history, intention and outcome of the a very special coachbuilt Ferrari.

The Digital Storybook would be a way to maintain not only a record of the build but also a place for family and the world to see Mr. Fernandez 's vision. We also timed the completion of the project just before The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering where the 330 was debuted to the world.

330GT Speciale Main Timeline
330GT Speciale Main Hero

Keeping things clean and to the point, we decided on a one page system so all the content would be presented to the user in a linear format.

This website was designed with entertainment in mind, specifically for the automotive enthusiast. The user starts with teaser clips of the build and then scrolls to learn about the Who, What, Where, When and Why.