Festival Of Speed : South Florida Super Car Fun

It was my first time checking out the Festival Of Speed event, and I was very excited to say the least. We’ve had a slight dry spell in South Florida for the last couple of months (figuratively speaking). I found myself caught underneath the blistering sun at Miami Museum Park and walking into a sea of supercars and classics, including this stunning Toyota 2000GT, which I was very excited about..


There were several Shelby Cobras at the show, which are actually not very rare in South Florida. The signature blue with white white stripes is absolutely beautiful and actually played a pretty significant role in the 1995 hit movie “Bad Boys” going toe-to-toe with a Porsche 930 turbo.


However, stepping away from the more popular blue and red doesn’t mean you won’t get a beautiful car, as you can see with this dark gun metal Shelby with black stripes and red accents.


This particular section of the show had sCme pretty awesome muscle cars and not just classics as is evident with this menacing road-racing chevy Camaro, which was track ready and trailered into the event. I only wish I could have heard it.


Of course, there is nothing like a classic right? I found myself gravitating towards this beautiful Plymouth RoadRunner Superbird. It’s one of the few cars where a huge wing appears normal and looks perfect. It was said the wing had cryptic science behind it, but, ultimately, it was only made so large to provide clearance for the trunk to open freely. I guess sometimes less is more.


As I continued walking, I came across my first Porsche of the day, this beautiful Red 911 on gold BBS wheels – a great combination if I may say so myself. Keeping it simple is something I think many of us can appreciate.


It took a while to really get the shots I was happy with. Unfortunately, I don’t have the proper filter for the long lens, so between that and admiring some of the classics, it took me some time. I eventually made my way to the ADV1 row, and when I first got there, I spotted my buddy’s MK4 Supra sitting on a set of beautiful wide wheels. Amazing how even after twenty years, the MK4 Design can still draw a crowd. Thank you, Toyota, Thank you.


By now, we should all know what expect when approaching such a high profile event where ADV1 is involved. They really brought out the big boys for this one. While not the type of tuners that follow the ‘built not bought’ model can relate to, they are still cars to be appreciated due to their engineering wonder.


This was one of my favorite cars from the event, which isn’t saying much because I loved just about everything I came across, but Jordan’s Ferrari F12 was arguably one of the sharpest cars at the event. As with all the modern sports cars, you need large wheels to fit the overall shape, and with a set of 21-inch wheels up front and 22-inch wheels out back really back up that notion, of course. Anything less just would not provide the same level of appeal.

While it is not everyone’s cup of tea, I am a fan of slammed exotics. So, I can appreciate it when those who can have fun with these type of cars.


To be fair, these type of events make a photog’s day pretty easy. The lines on all these vehicles make them relatively easy to shoot. Appreciating these cars in person is one thing, but getting back home and seeing the little details through the lens really help you realize the realm in which they live.


Seeing a classic Ferrari like this DINO really put things in perspective. What Ferrari is doing, and has been doing for so many years, is something that every car enthusiast looks for. The lines on the DINO are magical. You know it is an older car, but seeing one in such pristine condition give off an energy that it could have just been rolled off the supercar line.


Next to the DINO was one of Wheelsboutique’s more recognizable cars from South Florida, the yellow Ford GT sitting on HRE wheels.Of course, it also comes with a Heffner Performance twin turbo setup, just in case you were thinking she was just another pretty lady.