Isles Casino Classic Car Show


My brother called me to see if I’d be interested in going to brunch with the family at The Isles Casino. The grandparents are visiting, and they love brunch, especially at The Isles. He went on to say that they were also having a car show that same day and that grandpa wanted to check it out. I had no idea they were doing a show, so I told him, “Brunch sounds even better now!”



The show started at 10am, so I, of course, arrived closer to 9am. It had already started filling up when I got there. Close to twenty cars were parked. I love classic cars, due mostly to their sheer massiveness. You can get away with some pretty crazy stuff on a classic, mostly the color.



Try putting some of those wild colors of yesteryear on a more modern car, and it can look rather garish. Perfect example: 1959 Cadillac Eldorado in pink looks fantastic. Try that on a Civic – not so fantastic. Any way you slice it, a show is a show. I grew up going to classic car shows, so for me, anytime I get to shoot some amazing American muscle, I’m all for it.



This time was no different. It was a very solid turn out. A good mix of 50s, 60s, 70s and a few outside the spectrum from more recent years.



I made a few passes around the show before my brother and crew showed up. We walked around for a bit, and I showed them all the the gems I had snapped earlier. We wound up walking the whole show and then heading in to the buffet. If you haven’t been to the Farmer’s Pick Buffet at The Isles, I highly suggest checking it out. It’s like a little slice of Vegas heaven.



Three platefuls later, I said goodbye to the family, and my brother dropped me off back at the show field. I was moving much slower. (Talk about the meat sweats!)



Luckily, an old friend had just arrived with his family. I caught up with him as Joaquin and his girlfriend showed up. I went from being the lethargic lone shooter to having two additional photographers with me. It’s always nice to have an extra hand, especially after hitting the buffet! I showed the crew what I already had, and we divided and conquered what was left.


At this point, I had been at the show for five hours. I was exhausted but in luck because the trophy ceremony had begun. I used that time to get a few more shots of the cars while everyone was crowded around the announcements. (Much easier.) After the trophies were handed out, people started leaving. I said goodbye to my friend and Joaquin.


Alone again. I started to head out and noticed where a majority of the cars were leaving from. There was a long stretch of road that was just asking for speed runs. So, I made a U-turn and followed the cars. I also managed to get a few rolling shots of cars as they departed..



That was it. I was done. I hobbled back to my car, packed up and embarked on my half-hour ride home still pleased I had agreed to brunch with the fam.


If you would like to see more of this show, please click the image above or Here.