Moda Miami 2024 | Iconic Automobiles, Luxury + Culture

Let’s get the obvious out of the way, If you’re involved in the Concours world then the elephant in the room regarding why Moda Miami exists is something you are familiar with.

It’s not an issue were interested in talking about and if you really want to know then you can do your research and find the information you’re looking for.

I am here to talk about the beauty of the automobiles and old friends we were able to catch up with, without having to get on a plane to do so.

One of my favorite observations of Moda Miami was that, it didn’t feel like Miami. Aesthetically, the hotel and visuals we were able to provide feel like you are anywhere but.

Granted, I love my city, there is a vibe to the city that can be overwhelming, and the traditional Concours experience established here was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

As you can see pretty quickly, there was a high level of super cars and rare machines that are not often seen together for the average showgoer.

Right above next to the beautiful pagani, you’ll notice a  Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta Speciale which we actually did have the pleasure of seeing at the Cavallino classic just a few years ago.

A design that positions the driver in the center, slightly forward, with the other two seats just behind it. 

Ken Blocks “Hoonitruck”, a new add on to the RM Sotheby’s stable is always a fantastic machine to get close to.

The spirit of Ken Block lives on through his daughter and the Hoonigan way of driving, so it while sad a pleasure to see this now silent machine on the grounds along side many other legendary vehicles.

One of 25 McLaren Solus GTs made its debut at Moda Miami 2024.

The team at Moda Miami put on a spectacular show at the Biltmore Hotel. When you thought the grounds could not get any more beautiful they just throw millions upon millions of dollars worth of high-end vehicles and do the unthinkable.

Upon entering the Show you are serenaded by 3 gentlemen providing a beautiful Latin Sound which is the perfect fit for South Florida. 

And while making your away throughout the show, particular near the stage where award winners will soon drive up there is more music which made for a nice touch to a beautiful day.

We are also able to catch up with the two gentlemen who brought out these fantastic old-school beasts. The Daytona and Road Runner are favorites of mine, and we even got to record a traditional “meep meep” horn effect on the road runner which of course is a nice touch and throwback to the cartoon.

Im not sure even the most addicted gearhead couldve thought of where this world was going, but just imagine life at that sticker price.

Granted with inflation, and other financial growing pains I’m sure $4,492.20 was not pocket change in the early 70s, even then it seems to be a steal based on traditional math compared to what the vehicles we love are going for now a-days. 

I am a toyota enthusaist, and I am ashamed of my self for not having as much knowledge about this as I should have.

You may be familiar with the infamous Toyota 2000GT, but did you know that this particular one was tuned by Carroll Shelby him self?

Makes sense considering it was in the Shelby section of Moda Miami but I had to do a bit more research on the vehicle and This particular 2000 GT Is Now the Most Expensive Japanese Car of All Time with its recent auction price coming in at 2.5 million.

Needless to say as an automotive enthusiast it was pure heaven, we got to speak with so many incredible machines and more importantly wonderful owners.

We, as usual, caught up with old friends and made new ones, which is what I look forward to the most. We were able to learn so much about some cars we have never seen before and just establish new relationships which is what its all about.

We are excited for the future of Moda and the addition to more Concours events to South Florida.

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