SEMA 2023 – A Visual overload

The SEMA Show has become a staple of our media coverage, but more importantly, a gathering we look forward to for networking and creating memories with people whom we’ve met over the years within the industry.

We are known for our high quality and pre and post-show coverage, if you did not know one of my favorite activities is waking up extremely early and getting to the Las Vegas Convention Center before sunrise to capture all of the amazing vehicles outside without the clutter of people.

While the massive influx of people is important for story telling, I find it important to offset it with vehicle-only coverage which helps tell the tale of automotive details and the automotive stories through details.

This year we had a crew of 5, this allowed us to part ways and everyone added their twist to the photography and cinematography coverage on both our primary social channels and for the individual artists.

We encourage our guys to promote and network on their own on top of our day-to-day business operations because why not? Our goal has never been to gatekeep, those days are gone in the age of modern internet.

By using this method we find company Morale and overall quality is always exceptional.

Of course, we love seeing the faces of new show-goers when it’s their first time be it through us or joining us there when they go through their company.

Our work ethic and approach to quality is one we continue to keep and openly share what we learn with anyone open to wanting to learn.

My personal success comes mainly from those who gave mt the chance, so for anyone who shares the automotive passion and aspect of story telling we encourage you to make your own circle.

With that being said, we hope you enjoy one of our many SEMA 2024 Photo galleries which depict our time at the show, as I always say in this series there are a million blogs and articles which can provide you the automotive details to each vehicle, we just want to show your our experience through our lens. Enjoy!

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