SEMA 2023 – The official kickoff

13 years of the SEMA show and every year it feels like the first time when it comes to Excitement. You would think it’s about the cars, especially given our in-depth coverage of the event through our media glasses, but it’s always about the people. 

It’s an opportunity to see old friends, people whom, we speak to on a daily basis through the computer who live on the other side of the country and in some cases the world.

An opportunity to see their builds, and witness everyone take and twist on the passion we all love.

There is no shortage of blogs talking about automotive details, engine specifics and so one so we won’t be doing that this year, we will continue telling our story through photos and videos of the overall experience, encouraging those who have never been and love cars to take the leap and make it happen, its a trip to remember.

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