All Euros welcome : Eurotripper 2014

Eurotripper, like many other niche specific gatherings in southern Florida, has been advancing in the right direction. I met up with my good friend Dewayne from SofakingClean, and we made our way to the event to take some pics and hang out with friends. The locale was the same as last year (Germain Arena) but with a greater turnout expected, so the show area extended much further this time but filled up just as fast. Getting together and showing off your car has always been a staple in the scene, so while there isn’t any racing, this is something all us car guys can relate to for an enjoyable day out. Here are some pictures of my favorite rides from the show – enjoy!

eurotripper2k14-2 eurotripper2k14-3 eurotripper2k14-4 eurotripper2k14-5 eurotripper2k14-6 eurotripper2k14-8 eurotripper2k14-9 eurotripper2k14-10 eurotripper2k14-11 eurotripper2k14-12

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