So, around this time last year after a long week at SEMA, we caught a glimpse of the OPTIMA® Batteries shootout. We walked in as the event was coming to an end on Sunday evening. (This year we made an effort to make it part of our schedule.)


I honestly don’t know how I made it to the end of the week. I started feeling sick the second I landed in Vegas and couldn’t shake it off. It had to have been the adrenaline from this entire experience. It was, however, a great change of pace from the muggy Florida weather.


As they made their first announcement of the day and got all the drivers checked in for the festivities, it was ready to head over and rock and roll.


What I love most about this event is that, during the Sema show, they had all of the cars lined up and every single car was show quality (in most cases, from perfect paint to detailed high-quality exterior modifications). Walking down Optima Lane, the average person wouldn’t think these cars rip the track up all year long and are about to endure another weekend of abuse.


As the event kicked off, one of the more interesting rides we came across was this Chevy Corvair.


When we peeked inside, it was a pleasure with the cold weather, to catch the heat coming from the rear placement LS. I didn’t expect to see that; however, with everything going on around us, we shouldn’t have been surprised.


One of the logos you will see on every car at OUSCI event is that of Detroit Speed. We had the pleasure of meeting Kyle Tucker (owner) at a previous event we did for BFGOODRICH in northern Florida. What Detroit Speed does for the community is amazing, providing top notch service, products and helping keep the racing community moving up. He also doesn’t drive half bad ;)


While the OUSCI event is known mainly for its muscle car presence, you do see your share of imports. There was nothing crazy in this GTR as far as SEMA standards go, but it was a great change of pace from all show rides parked for a week.


This event has so many things to love, but more than anything, the fact that you need to build an all-around vehicle in order to be successful is fantastic.


There are many forms of racing we cover – from Lemans to drag racing, neither of which take anything less than an incredible amount of talent. But this all around form of racing on a street tire, which you have to keep on for all the events, then taking your car on a trip through the Vegas highways to make it to some OPTIMA® checkpoints is pretty damn cool.


The amount of female driven cars is amazing and something I think we need more of! One of which is this badass C10R, built by PCHRODS, owned and driven by Rob and Brandy Phillips.


Everything about this little truck is awesome. We got to see it last year when it was a different color. I prefer the new color scheme; however, it doesn’t matter. The car performs and it performs well. It also shows the diversity and limitless aspect that comes with building a machine!


Considering you are not allowed to use competition radials, R-compound, drag radials or shaved tread tires, it’s all about building a well-balanced car.


So, with the variety of vehicles that make this event possible, it’s always fun seeing a little old school versus new school action. Watching technology keep these older machines competitive is impressive.


There’s satisfaction in knowing the car culture is moving forward. It’s 2015 and there’s pre-1990 muscle cars modified to serve their purpose and look as if they just came out of the dealership. Pretty damn cool for any gearhead.


Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean a wild bull won’t find its way into the big show.


The year has been such a blur. Being able to attend these events with a new perspective while becoming something I do more often has been incredible. And I still get chills being so close to the motorsports world.


Our day ended with the races, but we were able to follow the entire OUSCI lineup on the Vegas highways for a bit as they rode out to their next destination because it isn’t a street car until the AC is blasting, and you are cruising.

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