24 Hours at ROLEX : 2015

Sunset action photo, check! Now we can go checkout the garages.







Some alternative fuel sources


After about five hours at the track, it was time to go eat, but some don’t have the luxury of leaving. These guys are in for a long night.


After a much needed break, some shrimp scampi and a change of clothes, Caro and I made our way back to the track for some night time action. The mercury had taken a plunge, but the cold is of no concern when it comes to getting some dope shots to share with you dear readers.





Exhausted, it was time to make our way back to the hotel and get some sleep.
The next day after a good night’s sleep and some breakfast, we made our way back to observe the action from other parts of the track we had yet to visit. With a better understanding of the layout and services offered, we took advantage of one of the many busses that shuttle people around the infield area and made our way to turn seven, the start of the high speed banked section of the track.

It took me a moment to realize, but at this point the field has thinned out considerably. Accidents and mechanical issues had taken its toll. It may be morning, but these guys are exhausted.


I would be remiss not snap a photo of the Brumos Porsche 911 piloted by the Dempsey Racing team. So here you go.

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