24 Hours at ROLEX : 2015

Behind us was a grandstand so we made our way there to have a seat, and watch the race by turn five. After a good ten minutes, it was time to start shooting again. We’re nearing the home stretch and by home stretch I mean about two more hours of racing.


The racing has taken its toll on these once pristine works of functional art. Hasty repairs are in order to minimize lost time and get back on the track. The first and second place finishes this year were separated by a mere two seconds.




A trip to the Rolex 24 would be incomplete without a ride on the Ferris wheel. Afterwards, Caro and I made our way back to the garage area to catch a glimpse of the finish line. Unfortunately, many others had the same idea. In any case, we may as well continue exploring and see what else is out there.


With the race over and the trophy presented, it was time to pack it all up and move on to the next round. The 12 hours of Sebring happens on March 21st.


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