25th Street Riders & USO 5th Annual Picnic

25th street riders annual meet



This guy decided to take a leisurely stroll in front of a two-ton bucking Sedan DeVille. If you look closely, you’ll see some fluid dripping from the undercarriage. Wow.


At this point, the Caddy had “walked” over to where i was standing, and I had to move. Even though I was far enough away from the danger zone, I took this shot at 70mm. You can see things were getting up close and personal. I stepped out of the way, and one more hop landed this beast right where I was standing. They went for another and almost hit the curb. There was one casualty. The front tire landed dead on someones red cup.

The cars reset, and I felt this crazy urge to get closer. So, I ditched the 70-200mm for my 8mm fisheye, and it’s much better now that I’m two feet away from the action.


If there’s video of this floating around, I’m that lunatic running directly in front of these hopping beasts.




Ever see a car get stuck in the air on it’s rear wheels before? Probably not because you don’t see this kind of awesome every day. Solution to said problem: hang three dudes off the front tires.25th-street-riders-and-uso-5th-annual-picnic-nurgemedia-1341


Note the marks on the ground from where the bumper was smacking the pavement. I was about a foot away.


Then out came this insane extended rear axle Caprice from Hoppers Hydraulics. This thing was built to stand at a 180 degree angle. Wait for it…


Okay, so not a perfect 180, but that is still insane! Now, to add the the insanity, since it was stuck and the wheels were too high, why not just go under the car and pull from the exhaust?


Speaking of crazy, I was damn near standing next to him.

For my first true lowrider show, I was thoroughly impressed. I can’t thank Al enough for inviting me to such an awesome event. Dare I say, “Today was a good day…”


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Steve (nurgemedia)

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