Concorso D’eleganza


The Jaguar was one of two gems he brought out to the show, along side a classic Ford…


Oh and it was signed by Carroll Shelby,…


After leaving the open parking lot, we went over to the private area where all the intense stuff was. We were greeted by the kindest front desk workers I have ever encountered, so we handed over our tickets and proceeded to see a Ferrari gathering like no other.


This was the first time I got to see a Ferrari FXX in person, and it is an image that will permanently be burned into my brain. Everything about this car is amazing and practically perfect.

The car belongs to Preston Henn, owner of the Swap Shop. It gives off an aura that cannot be explained. In the midst of some of Ferrari’s most modern builds and restored classics, this car brings the essence of the track with it.


As soon as I was able to get my eyes off the FXX, we made our way down through an open hall of vendors and amazing vehicles.



Unfortunately, I do not fall within this tax bracket. Maybe next year.




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