PSI Racing 3SGte powered Toyota Starlet


Suited up and ready to go, it takes a lot of experience to be calm behind the wheel of a 7-second drag car. This, however, was business as usual and another day at the office for Brendan and his team.


The staging area is a familiar place for many drag racers in South Florida. Nothing left to do at this point but wait your turn.


After the previous race finished, the entire crew went onto the track and helped Brendan with a simple burnout after a trip through the water box. I, unfortunately, feel the frontman’s pain as I also forgot to take my earplugs onto the track, which is something you should never forget. While it can become a normal pattern for many in the life of drag racing, the sound is incredible but should never be underestimated.


A few seconds passed, the tree lit up and they proceeded on another adventure down the drag strip, lifting the front end twice. Unfortunately, they did end up having some tire shake issues on the first pass, It is always a constant learning curve for the team. You must take it as good input for changes to improve on. Brendan told us, “Finally we can turn the power we know we have up and hopefully set the Toyota 4cylinder world record.”


7.488 @ 183.79 – not bad for a casual night of test and tune. However, it would be the only run of the night after an unexpected issue occurred.


They lost a strap on the parachute, which is definitely an eye opener when you have to stop a car at 184mph with only brakes. Thankfully, the loss of the chute didn’t cause any other problems, and a new chute will be ready to do its job next time around.


With the rapid growth of technology, our need to want everything instantly is greater than ever. So what could be better than being able to watch a video of you run merely minutes after laying down a run? The crew spotted everything they wanted to change and starting making a list. We can only hope for a more efficient run next time around, and hopefully nothing will snap.

A shorter evening than expected, but no thrills were left unnoticed. The crew were nothing but generous to us, and we want to thank them very much for giving us a chance to share this badass build with the world. No worries though because we already have more in the works, so stay tuned!

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