Getting ready for Formula D 2014 : Homestead

As you all may know, Formula D is well underway and heading to Miami. The past few years, PBIR has been host to the third round of Formula D, aptly named Invasion. This year, however, Homestead Raceway was able to get the contract in an effort to bring the awesomeness of drifting to Miami. This is a great thing! I’ll still be driving an hour to get there, but at least I can get some delicious Cuban food at Chico’s afterwards!

Now for the reason why we’re writing this. We applied for media at Formula D Long Beach, but due to site traffic numbers, we were rejected. According to the media contact, we need to get our site traffic up in order to be considered. With that said, we’re asking for your help. We’ve noticed that a majority of our Facebook followers aren’t even aware of the site! We need more site hits. So for those of you that actually see the site links, we’re asking that you spread the word and check it out and tell your friends!

We want to bring you all the best content we can get our hands on, and with your help, we can achieve this! Also, Don’t forget and go to and buy your tickets today!

Thanks in advance and heres a glimpse of last year from a spectators POV.

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