SEMA 2022 Feature – Austin’s Purple Skies Porsche 911

Our good friend Austin Barnett has an incredible eye for detail and never disappoints with his builds. We were very excited to see this particular setup given all the hype, and it did not disappoint. An absolute show-stopper which is worthy of all the attention given this year. 

Give Austin a follow and you’ll learn more about the incredible pieces which make this build special! Click below to see the full gallery of this wonderful masterpiece.

There are many things that make this car special, from the titanium welding to the Subaru EJ25 engine swap. However, one of the most popular and immediate things you will notice is the color! 

It is known as “Purple Skies” which was made to replicate Midnight Purple 3 and is a product of Cande Shop, A Florida-based company dedicated to premium quality products and customer service. If you would like to learn more you can visit their website