Nurotag Allstars

VIP modular bronze

VIP Modular is another high end rim company putting out some amazing finishes. This copper look was one of my favorites at the show, and I wasn’t the only one. Arguably, this has to be the nicest set of wheels we laid eyes on today.

green bmw

It seems the tight, mesh style wheel is making a comeback. For years I have seen many 5 Spoke base style wheels, but lately, with the growth of the stance and VIP movement, this wheel style is on its way back to being a popular seller. Even SSR is re-releasing their mesh style wheel. These HRE 501s looked amazing.

polished rotiforms

Seeing Rotiforms made me feel as if I was back at SEMA. The Rotiform quality is one that really needs to be paid attention to. They say you get what you pay for, and rightfully so because like everyone else, this was one of the wheels that stopped me dead in my tracks. It was a little rough to get a good shot of this wheel – the detail in style and polish is don’t look half as good in a photo as they do up close.

ADV1 booth

Another popular brand which I was glad to see out at the show was ADV1 – a high quality proven wheel with some amazing designs. They came out showing off their Silver Supra. Enough said.

ADV1 Supra

Sleek and sick.

280Z mirror

Stance Miami brought out a couple of badass 280zs, which look practically identical minus the wheels and some minor details.

I love seeing family cars get slammed on nice wheels. I would have loved to be dropped off at school when I was younger in this thing. I mean, look at it!

America’s unicorn – the Nissan Skyline R34 GTR. This is a car that almost every JDM enthusiast wishes they could get their hands on. While we did get our filling with the R35 GTR, that human instinct of wanting what we can’t have is intensified in this car. To me, everything about this setup is just right: solid high quality wheels, beautiful color and a realistic ride height. This is a driver’s dream.

The Honda scene is one of the most popular I can think of. I love seeing a clean Honda as I feel they are not appreciated by those who don’t own them. This was my favorite Honda of Nurotag – a clean example of hatch made for show and fortunately parked in a great spot, too.

I wanna give a shoutout to Rod Speed Inc. for showing us love by sharing some of our previous pictures of one their signature vehicles: this Nissan 350z. Nismo is nothing but quality. Throw on some crazy work wheels and you’ve got an amazing neck breaker.

So, K3 Projekt Wheels brought out their rat rod and put on a show…a show that made it rain. That’s right, this car literally caused it to rain in the parking lot. How you ask? Well, consider the fire sprinklers set up in a parking garage, and this badass ride shoots controlled flames out the tail pipes. Let’s just say some of the fire was a bit larger than expected, but hey, at least we know the fire system at the Marlins Stadium garage works perfect!

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