Nurotag Allstars

Matching your outfit is one thing. Making sure your outfit matches your ruckus seems to be the logical next step.

Back to this Toyota Starlet built by PSI racing. We just had to go back and snap a few pictures when the crowd was dying down. Unfortunately, we couldn’t hear it while at the show; however, based on the videos, it sounds as good as it looks and performs. Stay tuned.

While keeping the theme of fast cars, I came across this fox body, which is absolutely immaculate. One of the best drag racing platforms ever made, no doubt about it.

We love seeing our good friend Maximus at all the local shows. He is just as much an attraction as all the cars, if not more. People \practically line up to take pictures of him and rightfully so. The boy has style. After a fun day of taking pictures and catching up with all of our friends in the local scene, the Nurotag All Stars event has come and gone. It’s been a prosperous year for the South Florida scene, and we hope it continues to grow. And as it does, we will do our best to bring it all to you.

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