1972 Nissan Skyline to wow the crowds at SEMA.

There is one, sure-fire way to get the crowds to swarm your booth at SEMA, and that’s to make the center-piece one of the legends of the car culture. The Nissan Skyline transcends genres, and is known and respected by everyone in the car community. Enthusiasts old and young know about the Skyline name, and what the car has done in motorsports. However, to really create a stir, make that Skyline center-piece one that precedes the R32…

Skyline gtr hakosuka Nissan JDMCHICAGO sema2016

Ginash George runs the successful, Mid-West based blog, JDMChicago, and as the name would suggest, he’s a big fan of all things JDM. Originally known for his orange, NA2 NSX, Ginash decided to swing for the fences on his next build by importing the, “holy grail,” of Japanese imports.

Skyline gtr hakosuka Nissan jdmchicago sema sema2016

Ginash enlisted the help of Erik Bizek of JDM Legends in Murray, Utah, to source the car and perform an extensive restoration of the car before taking delivery. The car is absolutely stunning, whether it’s in photos or in person. Simple, clean, and full of history and nostalgia, the car almost demands your attention.

1972 Nissan skyline hakosuka eneos

The car features a 2.0-liter, L20 inline-six cylinder engine equipped with a triple Weber 40 DCOE carburetor kit. Combined with GT-R headers and a Fujitsubo exhaust, the classic straight-six sings a harmonious tune. The engine also features a mechanical, fuel pump block-off plate, and a Nismo fuel pump takes the mechanical pump’s place. A subtle wire tuck and battery relocation tidy up the engine bay.

Skyline gtr hakosuka Nissan jdmchicago sema sema2016

Setting the car on the ground is a full set of Koni shocks on all four corners with RS Start adjustable collars and springs to bring the ride height down. T3 adjustable camber plates and rear camber kit help to dial the stance in perfectly. No crazy, shakotan stance here, just clean and low. Bringing the car to a stop is a pair of Sumitomo MK63 front calipers with GT-R slotted rotors and braided lines, while stock GT-X drums round out the rears.

Skyline gtr hakosuka Nissan JDMCHICAGO sema2016

The wheels on the GT-R are as equally classic and iconic as the car. The 15×9 and 15×10 Watanabe wheels sit perfectly under the GT-R fender flares. The wheels are wrapped in 205/50 and 225/50 Falkenn Ziex ZE912 tires.

Skyline gtr hakosuka Nissan jdmchicago sema sema2016

Completing the restoration is a GT-R style front spoiler, GT-R fender flares, rear spoiler, and full GT-R tail light conversion. The white, bronze, and black color combination works perfectly, and really holds up that iconic, Japanese-classic, image.

Skyline gtr hakosuka Nissan JDMCHICAGO sema2016

It’s only fitting that a car of this pedigree would be the center-piece of the Eneos booth, which has been a factory oil supplier for Japanese, and other Asian automakers, for years. The car and the company represent a lot of history in the car community, and it’s a real treat to see such a combination displayed at SEMA.

Skyline gtr hakosuka Nissan JDMCHICAGO sema2016us-6355

Hopefully the photos do the car justice, but if you’re attending this year’s SEMA, make sure you take some time to stop by the Eneos booth and see the car for yourself to truly appreciate it.

For the rest of the photos visit the flickr gallery here

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