Parkhaus1 Car show : Porsche Heaven

Since the creation of The CharisCulture blog, I have had the opportunity of meeting some amazing people and seeing cars that are one of a kind. Keeping up to date on all the latest trends and builds has become quite the task. I usually hear of sites or events through word of mouth or find them on the internet, but the Parkhaus1 shop was one of the few I stumbled upon by accident.

I was driving down a main road and noticed a sweet orange 911 Carrera parked outside the store. It was facing the road and had a big poster mentioning a car show for Oct 4th, so I drove out of my way to find out about Parkhaus1, a new Porsche outlet in South Florida.

I made my way to the grand opening car show after checking out the store a few days prior, and needless to say, my expectations were exceeded.


I took a walk into the store, and the first car that drew me in was this 1988 Lemans Porsche 962, which I learned was a protoype race car built by Porsche as a replacement for the 956. There is something about being in a room with one of these historic race cars that is unexplainable. If you are a gear head, it’s just something you have to experience to appreciate.


Afterwards, I came across a Blanc noir Bugatti Veyron; not a Porsche, but at this point who cares? The engineering behind this car is amazing.


Seeing the engine bay in person is really a sight. Every single detail of this car screams perfection, and while not a mid 80s race car, it is something to behold.


I roamed the showroom floor and was in absolute awe. The amount of history and character in these cars was quite amazing. The cars looked as if they just came out of the dealer’s during their production year. I needed help picking my jaw up off the floor.


The store is decorated with Porsche history and custom art pieces, from helmets to keychains. There was enough detail to keep you busy for a while.


I made my way to the collection where I found myself staring at a 1977 Carrera race car with the perfect stance.


The white on white looked amazing. I stood around admiring the car before realizing I had pictures to take, which is the ultimate balance I am trying to maintain while amidst such amazing machines.


I made my way out to the car show and started snapping; one by one Porsches started rolling in.


Everything from late 80’s 930 Turbos to brand new GT2s, and my personal dream car, the GT3RS. This color combination only works well on a Porsche with such character and power. I truly believe one couldn’t pull it off elsewhere.




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