Supras In Vegas Part 2 : The Meet

Jet lag is horrible. I’m usually pretty good on little to no sleep before a long day. I’ve done it countless times before, but jet lag really messes with the sleep schedule, and I had to be up at 4:45am.

Since I was already awake, I figured I’d get on the computer and knock out some edits. After a few hours, I was tired again, so I went back to sleep. This is where I got in trouble. I slept in and now breakfast was out of the question. I had to get down to the garage and get some shots in while the space was still (hopefully) empty. I woke up my boys Steve and Harrison, and we headed to the garage.


As I reached the top of the staircase leading to the second floor of the garage, I felt a smile form from ear to ear. What had once contained maybe five Supras had become a Toyota dealership that wet dreams are made of.


I have never experienced such a sight before. Every space in the Supra corner had a car in it – the majority of them backed in, of course, and each one was more immaculate than the next.



MKI – MKIV were present in various colors and trim levels. From bone stock to completely modified, there was a style available for everyone.




I made my rounds and tried not to get too overwhelmed. People were still showing up trying to find parking. The smells and sounds were just fantastic.





2Js idling, loud exhaust notes, the sound of blowoff valves, the occasional way-too-sensitive car alarm – all of it played like a symphony throughout the garage. The scent of freshly burnt rubber filled the area, along with the aroma of high octane burning. All of this before 10am.



Since I was crammed into the back “seat” of Steve’s car. There was no way I was going to miss out on seeing these things in action, so Steve asked if anyone would let me ride along with them.


That’s when Javi stepped up and said that I could ride with him.


I was elated. No back “seat” for me! When I asked him which car was his, he pointed to this 1982 Celica Supra. I looked at it and then back at him. I was like, “Are you kidding me?! I get to ride in that?!” He just smiled. I was beyond overjoyed. I had fallen in love with this car when I first got up the staircase! It has such a distinct look. I could tell there was something special about it when I first saw it.


After a while, Miguel started to corral everyone into the corner to go over the logistics of the scenic drive.


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  1. Steve, thanks for sharing, you got yourself some beautiful pictures at the event. You’ll have to come to next year’s event too if you can swing it. Once you’ve been to one Supras in Vegas event, you have to make a return trip… kinda a rule. =)

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