Picking a Porsche at SEMA

charlton ochoa

Our Third year at SEMA, and I’m willing to be this will never get old. To us, it feels as though this year is better than last year. It feels larger, and the excitement surrounding the event was non-stop. Not to disrespect previous years and builds, but it felt like everyone went all out this year – just about every car in and out was intense.

If you follow my posts, you know I love Porsches. I grew up around them and have been dreaming of owning a GT3RS for quite some time now. So, if nothing else, I figured why not bring you some of the Porsches of SEMA this year.

Of course, this task was rather easy. They always stand out due to their natural wide design, and in some cases, this year looks even wider.


One of the first Porsches we ran into was at the toyo tire booth. This car has been leaving its mark on the internet for some time now. Originally minty green, it was converted over to BMW frozen dark blue metallic for its SEMA debut.


The car is absolutely nuts, showcasing a Vollkommen Design widebody kit , AeroFlow Dynamics wing end plates , AeroFlow Dynamics Canards, AeroFlow Dynamics Front, sides, rear splitters and deep dish BBW E88 wheels.


The inside detailing is just as impressive. As you can see, it has a GMG 6pt rollcage, CAE Shifter, and an OMP steering wheel. The minty green interior accents the dark blue exterior beautifully.


The car has an abnormal width, which fits perfectly into the Porsche design. The overfender look on any Porsche, in my opinion, flows perfectly despite the arguments they tend to create. This was one bad ride. For more information on the build, check out the owner’s Instagram Creaminz


To no surprise, we caught the Bisimoto Porsche setup at his usual spot – the NGK booth. This time he brought a beautiful blue 930 with the exposed turbo setup as was to be expected.


Bismoto shared that the car was his tribute to the 1975 IROC Porsche series with modern flair.


The car has fifteen52 wheels and twin 85mm turbos. Along with that, it has a 996tt watercooled powerplant. The lines on these cars are legendary, and the older you go, in my opinion, the better they get.


One of my favorite parts on the car was the lone side view mirror resting on the driver side fender – a subtle touch, which was pretty cool.

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