Picking a Porsche at SEMA


Unfortunately, I don’t know much about this car. Mark Arcenal posted a picture of it mentioning it would be displayed at the Toyo Tires treadpass this year. That brief teaser was drool-worthy, and the car exceeded all expectations.


The murdered-out look fit perfectly. The only other facts I have been able to learn about the car is that it is from the Japan, it sits on work wheels, and it is an FRF bodykit / design. The exposed rivets are a look everyone is going for, but maybe with the white, the seamless design looks fantastic on this car, and I wouldn’t have thought to go any other way.


A lot of people mauy feel the all-black wheels hide the design, but for me, it provided an aggressive look that was second to none. It is really hard to pick one of these cars over the other. It is truly subjective, but I could have stared at this one for hours.


I’ve known about Magnus Walker for a little time now, being the Porsche nut that I am. So it was really cool to check out some of his cars in person and be able to chat with him for a bit. The Mobil 1 section was host to two of his builds while the Toyo treadpass kept the other.


The guys over at Stanceworks have some amazing coverage of both the vehicles he brought to display at this meet and greet area. Those fortunate enough to attend SEMA this year were able to experience that detail up close.


On the second level, he kept his 1971 Porsche 911 – ‘277’. The vehicle has character. It looks great. Magnus actually takes it on the road (and not just stores it away in a garage), which fulfills all of Porsche’s intentions for any of their creations. Unfortunately, every day, by the time I got to this car, I would be in the middle of people standing in line waiting to meet Magnus, so I could not spend as much time with it as I would have liked. But as you can see, it is quite unique.


Down below, we found ourselves near his 1967 Porsche 911 RT Build – a work in progress, which was pretty cool to see considering everyone else rushes to bring their complete builds to SEMA. it was interesting to see a build on its way to perfection.


The car has a factory-finish silver with a touch of metallic blue, which really sets it off. Once again, the guys over at Stanceworks did a great job putting together an awesome feature on the build before making its way to SEMA, and the car looked exactly as they portrayed it.


Every bit of the car had his touch on it. However, the rear tail lights were something that caught my eye. I am not sure how Porsche purists may feel about this feature, but I really loved it. Moving away from the Porsche single piece design is something I didn’t think would work, but Magnus was able to pull it off.


The interior was filled with little bits and pieces, which make the car his. I am a sucker for the Porsche Gauge design, which to this day still follows a similar flow from its initial creation, and the cracked steering wheel leather really set off the fact that this car was made to be driven.




At the end of the day, for me, the people behind the build are what its all about, and Magnus is a really cool dude who took his passion and made something happen. His motto is simple: follow your gut. (Something I can truly appreciate.)

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