Way2Clean : Cleaner than yours

Way2Clean Libertywalk 458

The South Florida car scene is one that has been steadily growing. and we have to come to see many amazing builds get pumped out of the region. However, on this day, we were graced by Wataru Kato and his Widebody Ferrari 458 Italia.

Way2Clean was getting setting up to have an amazing first show.


The Liberty Walk crew was in the house in West Palm Beach, and those who have not had the opportunity to see one of their builds in person were in for a treat.


We caught up with Kato early and were able to grab some shots of the LBWalk 458 before the show began.


There is something about this car that brings you in and will not let you go. It was a pleasure being up close with the car again. (In case you didn’t know, this is the formerly grey Ferrari 458 that burned down the internet at SEMA 2013.)


This was one of the last shots we took before the show got started, The South Florida Fair Grounds expo started filling up rather quickly with cars pouring in from all over. Everyone was excited for another great show, a gathering of unique rides, a live performance by Ace Hood and a chance to meet the man himself, Wataru Kato, who traveled all the way from Japan to stand by one of his amazing builds.







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