South Florida Toyota Lexus BBQ : 2016

The South Florida Automotive community is my home, and although some say it’s taken a turn for the worst, there are always groups of people who give back and invest their time and money (not only into their cars but also into the scene). That’s what this show was – the first Toyota/Lexus BBQ. While […]

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2015 Archive : Concours South Florida

In a park that’s damn near impossible to say, Topeekeegee Yugnee Park on a very cloudy day, actually the day following The Creative Workshop adventure I found myself surrounded by yet another smattering of rare and eclectic cars. As per usual I was about an hour early. I mean come on these are the lowest […]

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Way2Clean : Cleaner than yours

Way2Clean Libertywalk 458

The South Florida car scene is one that has been steadily growing. and we have to come to see many amazing builds get pumped out of the region. However, on this day, we were graced by Wataru Kato and his Widebody Ferrari 458 Italia. Way2Clean was getting setting up to have an amazing first show. […]

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