I LOVE DRIVING SLOW : Winterfest 2013


After showing this picture to a buddy of mine, he quickly and passionately made a bold statement, “A slammed FD is the sexiest car out there.” Seeing this FD makes it hard to disagree with his statement. While not many may be for putting stretched tires on an RX7 and feel it diminishes the quality, the soul of an RX7 is never lost, no matter what is done to it. Isn’t it amazing that a mid-90’s car can show up at a car show in 2013 and still break necks?


Kam Vaswani’s slammed Lexus GS300 is a true neck breaker loaded with high-quality products. Sponsored by Falken on Leon Hardiritt Biels is just one of the little things that make up this beautiful ride. If you are lucky enough, you just might catch his matching Ruckus around too.


As the show was coming to an end, some people seemed to be a bit busy and didn’t get their car out right away, but, thankfully, that set up for some awesome shots. For example, this dumped old-school BMW was in the perfect spot, and we couldn’t help but set up for a mini shoot.


The ILDS staff was also allowing people to set up some shots by the plane, so there wasn’t much time for each car. However, we were fortunate enough to catch this badass fully-built evo posted up.


A little bit after 5 the lighting was just perfect, and “Becky” was posted up and drawing plenty of attention. As you can see, VIP modular does not disappoint, especially when you go with a crazy finish. This has to be one of the nicest Accords I have ever laid eyes on.


Nothing makes a hater quicker than a cammed out v8 ready to whoop you up.


If you are not familiar with Rotiform wheels, this is a small look at the bigger picture of the hottest wheels on the market right now.


We always try to show love to the Ruckus scene at every show. There is so much you can do to a Ruckus. I have seen what seems to be an endless amount of combinations in the Ruckus game. The only scene with more accessories is the truck world, but that’s another beast. We have some hidden gems in our stash we will be dropping on you soon, so don’t worry.


Lovely setup, isn’t it? It’s not in what you think it is either. Check out our full blown ILDS gallery (I will post a link at the end of the article), and keep an eye out for this car. You will fall in love. I promise.


Overall, we had a blast. The show was well-organized, had an amazing turnout and the weather held up. What more could we ask for? Nonetheless, this is just a taste of what went down, if you would like to see more check out our full-blown ILDS gallery by clicking here.

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