Parkhaus1 Car show : Porsche Heaven


I hung around the front and then made my way to the back to flick the car I saw that brought me in here in the first place: a super clean bug – and an orange 911 Carrera.


Originally the VW was not there a few days ago, but this orange Carrera was and it was just as perfect up close as it was from a distance.


While I was out there taking care of business, I heard some roars. So of course, I turn to the road and see a GT3R. Driving your racecar on the street? Let’s do this.


I made my way back to the front and the show was growing with some amazing rides, so I made my way through taking pics and got to meet the owners and talk a bit about their cars – very cool stuff.


My first truly enjoyable experience with cars was with front engine Porsche’s such as the 944 and 968, so being around all of these old school rides was Heaven for me.


TheCharisCulture-parkhaus1-carshow-25 TheCharisCulture-parkhaus1-carshow-42

I spent time in and out the store because of the rising temperatures outside, and I found my way back into the collection room off the show floor and admiring this 930.


I really felt as if I had stepped into a time machine. Whenever I walked into the showroom, I found more Porches that looked as if they had just left the factory, like this 1964 356 Carrera Four-Cam.


The vibe inside was really positive. The Parkhaus1 crew was on top of everything, serving drinks, playing music, showcasing amazing cars. They were nothing but great to me and provided everyone with an amazing time.


As good as the A/C felt inside, I made my way outside and saw what I learned was a Guards Red 1986 911. The paintjob was absolutely perfect, and I was not prepared to see the details.


The car was sitting on all black Fuch wheels – 17×10.5 wrapped with a 315 tire – beautiful, to say the least.


The car has a 3.4L motor and weighs 2200lbs, There wasn’t any carpet in the car – everything inside was either leather, metal or carbon fiber.


The car was built by Foreign Affairs Motorsports, a shop located in the Pompano Beach Area of Florida. Check them out because this car is a hell of a showpiece.


I had a great time at the show and met some really great people. I want to thank the Parkhaus1 team for letting me get in early and take some shots before it got crowded.


If you happen to be in the South Florida area and are into Porsche’s, I highly suggest you check them out. Can’t wait to see what they do next!

For more pictures of the event, check out our flickr album Here

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