Das Renn Treffen : 2016

Rounding out the trilogy of events during the DRT weekend we find ourselves at “The Race Meeting” itself. Dmitry and I arrived very early to capture some of the setup. Sure enough there were already people waiting to get in.


We parked near the entrance area on one of the side streets. It was a ghost town save for a few Porsches here and there. We rounded the corner and walked north to the main street in front of the Shops at Sunset.


Awesomeness was already there waiting for us: the Interscope Racing 935, Yokohama 962 and Rothmans 959 were sunning themselves out front. Dmitry and I hung out for a bit while the rest of the team showed up. Coffee was served – it was tasty.


With the whole crew intact, we headed back to the entry area. Sure enough, it was packed. Less than twenty minutes ago, there was only one 914 parked on this street. Now, it was flooded with Porsches of all types and years.


We split up into two teams. I stayed at the entrance with Dmitry while Ryan, Brendon and Justin handled the cars that rolled in and started parking.


Parkhaus1 knows how to throw a show. There was no confusion. Each car was directed to where it needed to be.


Porsche after Porsche lining up on the red carpet.


After a few hours on the red carpet, the stream slowed to a trickle. Just as the entry was closing up, a 918 in Gulf Racing livery showed up. Of course, the barricades were moved for this beauty. I was actually surprised that only one showed up. I’ve seen several around the South Florida area, which is pretty amazing when you consider that only 918 were made.


Since the entry was closed, I followed the 918 into the crowd of people that had flocked into the streets to marvel at the German beauties displayed up and down the street. Last year, the show was big, but this year, there was an even bigger turnout.


It’s very possible that Magnus Walker had something to do with it. I noticed when I made it back to the Sunset Shops entrance that Magnus had just arrived. He was already checking out the cars and greeting fans.


While I was catching up with the rest of the team, I bumped into my good friend Bill Adam! We spent the weekend with Bill for his Rides & Smiles event in Homestead just a week prior to DRT. Seeing as he was a Porsche factory driver, it only made sense that he would be there. I told Bill about Bruce’s collection and showed him the way over, so he could check it out. It was really cool connecting Bill with Bruce. They shared quite a few stories.


After the collection visit, Bill said his goodbyes, and I headed back into the thick of it.

Das Renn Treffen Porsche gathering parkhaus1 in South Florida

Magnus was getting comfy in the Interscope 935.

Das Renn Treffen Porsche gathering parkhaus1 in South Florida

I went up and down the street checking out all the vibrant finishes on the cars from the red carpet parked up nicely in a line.

Das Renn Treffen Porsche gathering parkhaus1 in South Florida

What I found rather awesome was the amount of classic Porsches that DRT attracts. Some of the best examples were parked right here. Absolutely meticulous restoration on these beauties here.

Das Renn Treffen Porsche gathering parkhaus1 in South Florida

Each one in impeccable condition. I do not envy the judging on these cars. They had their work cut out for them. There were two super 1600s parked next to each other. The only major differences between them was the color and the addition of a trunk rack with a vintage piece of luggage on it. Flawless cars.

Das Renn Treffen Porsche gathering parkhaus1 in South Florida

Before we knew it, trophy time was upon us. I headed to the stage to try and catch the action. This Carrera 2 parked at the front of the stage was perfection. I had a feeling it was going to win Best of Show. After about twenty minutes of other awards being handed out, my guess was proved right.

Das Renn Treffen Porsche gathering parkhaus1 in South Florida

After all the closing remarks were said, the event was over. The crowd dispersed and the event crew started packing things up. The event excitement started to die down. I could feel my day coming to an end, and I could see that Magnus felt it too.

Das Renn Treffen Porsche gathering parkhaus1 in South Florida

After a well deserved break, I headed down the street to where all the race cars were parked. The Parkhaus1 team was already loading up some of the cars. They had quite a few toys that needed to be put away.

Das Renn Treffen Porsche gathering parkhaus1 in South Florida

As my team and I started our breakdown, I caught @chaddolin cruising by in his bug. The day was over. We had tons of content and lots of cool experiences over this particular weekend. We were all very glad to have been apart of the second ever DRT event, and we look forward to doing it again next year. So, until then, you can find the rest of the pics on flickr.

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