FL2K14 : Tearing up Florida


While hovering around the D3 Performance Engineering booth, I found my buddy and tuner Errol hanging around with the ProEFI team. It was nice to catch up with him for a while and reminded me I need to take my Supra back to his shop, TPS West Palm, ASAP.



Even though I own a Supra and I see them on a daily basis and see them in groups at events like this and SIV, it still amazes me how such an old platform holds its own in a world of UGR Lambos and 1000hp GTRs.


Either way, we made our rounds through the pits catching up with friends and taking pics. I even got to catch up with my buddy Robert from MVP Motorsports – one of our first vendors and a great group of guys!





It was getting hot, so we took a break to check up on our progress and drink some water, but after that quick break, we went straight to the track to get some footage.


It’s one thing standing in the crowd, sitting or hanging around close by. It is hot and it is loud, but standing on the track amplifies it all tenfold. Much respect to everyone who put in the work to produce media at the event. It was a grind.


Drag Racing is America’s pastime, right? So, even if you have imports crashing the party, you will always have the muscle cars too, which is something you must respect and ultimately enjoy.

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