Supras In Vegas Part 2 : The Meet


The crowd was listening patiently as Miguel organized the caravan leads and groups. Lots of cars and lots of people.



We couldn’t have everybody leaving at the same time, or there would be utter chaos in the streets! All the group leaders went off and started getting ready. I told Javi that I’d be at the other end of the garage shooting the cars exiting. I had a little bit of time since we were in Group 5.


Before Supras started pouring out of the exit ramp, I ran to the opposite end to set up in front of the first group.


I had the staircase and the inside garage.


Luckily, I had two cameras.



I set up one camera for indoor shooting and the other for outdoor where I was leaning over the staircase railing.



Dangerous, yes. I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Of course I was running back and forth between my two shoot locations swapping out cameras.


The things you do when you’re just one photographer! Hopefully next year I’ll have more crew available!


After what seemed like twenty minutes, I hear a honk and “STEVE!” It was Javi. My ride was here, and it was about to get awesome. I grabbed all my gear and jumped in the passenger seat. Off we went right into a line of Supras heading down the ramp. The sounds of 2Js ripping through the streets echoing off the Luxor towers – it was beautiful. Javi brought us up to the strip and smashed the gas. I was blown away. Not only did Javi’s car look fantastic, it also performed fantastically. I didn’t realize he had a 1JZ in there! I believe it was 267hp, but with the power to weight ratio, this car flew! Once we slowed down, I quickly spun around and stuck my torso out my window to take a shot of the FSR MKIV right behind us. Lovely.


We took off with the caravan behind us.


I was shooting what I could as we zipped through traffic. I had a pretty good hold on the seat and roof, so I was braced rather well (when there were no bumps in the road that is).

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  1. Steve, thanks for sharing, you got yourself some beautiful pictures at the event. You’ll have to come to next year’s event too if you can swing it. Once you’ve been to one Supras in Vegas event, you have to make a return trip… kinda a rule. =)

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